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Active listening instills empathy between those participating in the conversation. This is the cornerstone of all meaningful relationships between partners, within the family, at the workplace, and most importantly, within yourself.

With over twenty-five years of experience facilitating personal development, I have witnessed first-hand how healthy communication leads people to self-reflect and overcome inner barriers that may have inhibited their ability to listen mindfully or voice themselves authentically in the past.

Together we will learn to cultivate a dynamic dialogue with the intent to listen to and understand one another rather than immediately responding or offering advice.  Doing this opens up an unimaginably powerful space where we are present and attentive.

Mindful conversations that lift you up

Working together, we will tap into the power of active listening which opens up a new and empowering space where you can experience mindfulness, find focus, courage, and strength from within to overcome life's challenges.

Workshops and Lectures 

Workshops and Lectures are designed for individuals or groups interested in advancing positive communication which promotes professional development, improves interpersonal relationships, and resiliency.

The programs are focused on developing mindful listening and dynamic dialog for navigating life transitions, coping with parenting challenges, and enhancing relationships. Learn more

Workshops and Lectures

The programs are available as a one-time lecture, workshop, or as a series. They are customizable and can easily be presented virtually.

Building Mindful Relationships

Relationships are the cornerstone for manifesting who we are. Our life is a mosaic of interactions and connections that happen on so many levels, shaping our worldview and giving meaning to our existence.

This program outlines practical ways to overcome challenges in relationships by incorporating the principles of mindfulness:

  1. Increase self-awareness to better express yourself through positive communication

  2. Practice compassion to identify the emotional space of others without judgment

  3. Receive tools to recognize conflicts and transform differences into advantages

  4. Learn to connect authentically to successfully navigate the path that bonds you closer

  5. Experience growth to give greater meaning to your relationships

The Magic of Mindful Mother-Daughter Relationships


Mothers and daughters can forge the strongest connections, internalizing values and behaviors as this unique feminine bond shifts with time. It is a space of transitions and contradictions, love alongside anger, independence rooted in dependence, and closeness heightened by the need to differentiate.


This program explores how mindful principles help mothers and daughters forge a genuine relationship:

  1. Personal individuality to be mutually inspired, yet different

  2. Gender identity to navigate gender, status, and body image

  3. Family structure to learn from others and create your own

The Art of Creating a Mindful Family

A family unit can be the greatest source of support and unconditional love. Powerful bonds hold a home together, requiring effort and care to enable each family member to become the best person they can be, authentic, purposeful, and resilient.

This program provides practical tools and guidance for parents on how to create a nurturing environment, incorporating empowering principles for bridging the growing generational gap in our face-paced world:

  1. Mindful parenting to listen better and understand more

  2. Increase curiosity to stay interested, and keep inspiring

  3. Show affection to teach appreciation and create closeness

  4. Overcome fear to instill faith and built trust in life

  5. Experience closeness to bond deeply, and create understanding

The Opportunity of Mindful Life Transitions



Life is filled with twists, turns, and surprises. We all face trials and tribulations at some point in our lives, and by learning how to turn these into stepping stones on our path to growth, we can each find new hidden corners within our souls.


This program is designed to instill mindful principles that can lead to greater self-understanding and deeper commitment to connecting with your own authenticity:

  1. Self-transformation to find meaning in the midst of change

  2. Rewrite your story to come out of a situation stronger and wiser

  3. Regaining control to take charge of your steps moving forward

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