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Creating change, embracing life 

A purposeful life means having inspiring interactions that empower you to welcome happiness by turning challenges into exciting opportunities for change and growth.

Whether it is your career, relationships, parenting, or any life transitions, I am here to help you delve deeper through dynamic conversations that exercise mindful listening.

By sparking insightful dialogue together, we will explore and expand your horizons, imprinting an active experience on your heart and mind that ignites infinite possibilities for meaningful transformation.

Your inner growth is our mutual goal. We will map out the path that unlocks your potential to better align your reality with the desires and aspirations that move your soul.

Find your voice in a safe, inspiring environment that spurs your inner dialogue.

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Tap into your potential by enriching yourself with practical knowledge and hands-on experience in the power of effective listening. Learn more...

Dr. Maya Avinadav

I am passionate about helping people find new possibilities that turn life’s challenges into opportunities that take them further on their personal journey.

With more than two decades as a counselor, educator, coach, mentor, group facilitator, and speaker, working with children, adults, families, and organizations, I focus on creating experiences of growth by nurturing effective listening through dynamic dialogue... read more.

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